Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Supply Chains: Let's get global!

'Never break the chain'. Harrowing words from Fleetwood Mac and very appropriate for this blog entry on global supply chains.

In this entry we'll be identifying two advantages from operating a global supply chain


First off the mark, they're extremely competitive. Businesses from other countries have to increase their standards, due to the competitive nature of the 'globalised' world. Because of the many suppliers and contracts available, firms can reduce the amount of stock that needs to be stockpiled.


The ability to respond rapidly to changes to supply chain speed, destinations and volume is a great asset for any firm to have. Firms with global supply chains have a greater supplier selection with multiple sourcing options.

There are many more advantages... and disadvantages such as security problems, demand variations and huge investment costs. But I wanted to keep this entry short and interesting.




Pravin Kumar et al (2008) Flexibility in Global Supply Chain: Modelling the Enablers, Journal of Modelling in management,Vol 3 No. 3 2008


  1. I wouldn't mind being a CEO of such a chain ;)) where do i sign? xD

  2. It would be such a challenge to successfully orchestrate something like this at a global level.

  3. Sounds great, now how about the drawbacks and some warnings for instituting such an initiative...?

  4. @Scott

    Will definitely look into doing a follow up entry in the near future, thanks for the contribution :)

  5. The responsibility you have in that kind of job is scary.

  6. Agreeing with Insider33 here, no way I could handle that sort of responsibility. Crazy stuff