Saturday, 16 July 2011

'Chaos Monday'?

European banks failing stress tests and Euro crisis concerns may cause a chilling reaction in the markets on Monday.

Harry Wilson and Phillip Aldrick from The Telegraph believe that there will be chaos on the markets as investors and analysts claim that the stress tests were over optimistic and inadequate. Emma Rowling (also from The Telegraph) reports that global equities could lose up to 38 percent of their value at the most extreme prediction or 12 percent at a much milder prediction. are also predicting a 'horrible trap' ahead for investors.

One things for sure - I'll be keeping my eyes wide open on Monday!



  1. This is all always :/

  2. i feel sad for anyone who lost his money in this entire situation... life sure gets tougher

  3. It's getting hard for me to foresee a time when we will have economic stability as long as the rich and greedy control the world.

  4. Thanks for the update,i heard about it.

  5. So USA and greekland is going bankrupt, china wants their money, USA invades china, nukes are launched from both sides, WW3, death.