Monday, 14 March 2011

Developing Countries

Hello again guys and gals!

In this post I would like to know your thoughts and views on multi national corporations operating in developing countries; their impact on their economy and the workers pay and conditions.

Regards, Sam


  1. Erm, even thought these companies might exploit workers, without these companies some of these people wouldn't be able to even find jobs and survive.. so if you think about it, its the lesser of two evils and in some way/shape or form these companies and factories are required.

  2. I totally agree with you K.A.

    It's part of the process of the development of their economy

  3. Yeah but what about our jobs here in America?
    Does this not affect us?

  4. in my home town, they closed down a fairly small supermarket and build a massive one on top of it. that worked quite well, now more people can work there, thus more jobs and more satisfied customers because this one is packed. and they gave a nice fat 7M euro cheque to the guy who owned the old supermarket.

  5. Hi Chris thanks for your input.

    I'm assuming from your post that your pro-protectionism, i.e. use of tariffs on imports etc

    Would you be willing to pay more for a product made in America, as opposed to one in East Asia?

  6. Im from the Philippines and I have heard about Nike exploiting workers in Indonesia for inhumane working conditions such as extremely low pay and long hours. It saddens me.