Tuesday, 15 March 2011

A real alternative to oil?

Cella Energy, an Oxford based company, has claimed that it can produce a petrol replacement available in the next three years.

This fuel is hydrogen, but its innovative application is that it is stored in 'beads' and would not need to be stored in an expensive and potentially dangerous way it is stored at present.

This would mean that petrol would be much cheaper than current costs, with little infrastructure investment to implement the fuel.

Maybe this will loosen our dependence on oil, and give much less power to OPEC nations?

If you would like to find out more about this, visit their website: http://www.cellaenergy.com/

Regards, Sam


  1. If this is true, then awesome, if not, it might be a cheap marketing stunt.

  2. This is the real way to stop terrorism..

  3. No -M

    This is the real way to stop US from invading other countries for their oil and drop its support for Israel.

  4. I'd be interested in how the beads are manufactured (i.e. how much energy it takes to produce 1 bead vs. its energy potential) before I made a serious judgement call. However, this company seems to have dedicated itself to it, and that says something, so it might be promising. When I have time I'm going to make a similar post (almost response) with a different idea that I've seen.

  5. Hi Xuian,

    Would like to view that post!
    Please leave a link to it


  6. I don't think there will ever be a successful alternative to oil :(U

  7. Merlyy:

    This is only a petrol alternative :( but! Bio-plastics could also replace some of the need for oil.

  8. Hydrogen costs more energy to make then you get back from it. You need to get the electricity from somewhere, most of the time that is oil and other fossil fuels....

  9. Hi Wierdwhirl: been further researching Cella Energy and found this

    "Cella insists that its hydrogen, made from hydrides, does not have the same problem – since the key ingredient is abundant and easily accessible."

  10. Man, that could be awesome. I hope it will work cause I can't stand paying almost 1.8 eur (that's about $2.5) a fucking litre of fuel (I live in Paris France btw)...

  11. Water engines have already been made, they're just making too much money off of oil to let it be sold.