Sunday, 13 March 2011

Opportunity Cost

Thought my blog wasn't as interactive as I would have hoped. So in this post I'll be asking you a question about opportunity costs.

If you went/are going to college, what was your opportunity cost?

Mine, for example was sacrificing my old job, which over three years would have brought in £36,000 (~$57,000); attending college cost me ~£21,000 (~$33,000) when taking into account tuition fees and loans.

So overall, my opportunity cost for attending college was £15,000 (~$24,000) interesting link:

Regards, Sam


  1. This is the same problem i have about wanting to go to university.. i feel like life is just a waste.. so why should i spend £30,000 going to uni.. learning something that might get me paid better in the long run, when i can just do a-level and go work in a bank and make money as i rise up in the company.. tbh i'd rather prefer dieing.. -.- LOL

  2. I don't really enjoy the whole structure that practically requires you go to to school in the US, I enjoy school in general and all but it does seem an unnecessary system